7.7/10 (IMDB)

The Civil Dead

1h 43m Comedy
The Civil Dead
The Civil Dead


A misanthropic, struggling photographer just wants to watch TV and eat candy while his wife is out of town, but when a desperate old pal resurfaces, his plans are thwarted, with spooky consequences.


Clay Tatum


Clay Tatum, Whitmer Thomas, DeMorge Brown


Not Rated




United States



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  • "At its dead but lively heart, it's an awkward buddy comedy, with real-life friends, collaborators, and co-writers Thomas and Tatum bouncing off each other with a laid-back, laconic yet vulnerable vibe."
    - Austin Chronicle
  • "The movie’s lighting is warm and the soundtrack close to perfect, yet underneath lies a persistent melancholy, a pervasive sense of men not making it in a place where the true terror is loneliness."
    - New York Times
  • "Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas have made a low-fi, high-concept “comedy” so dry as to be dehydrated. It is funny. You will laugh. Right up until you don’t. Then you will retroactively question what it says about you that you were laughing earlier."
    - The Reader
  • "THE CIVIL DEAD takes the bones of a ghost story and spits out a dark indie comedy with a surprisingly sinister twist."
    - Dread Central
  • "Clay Tatum’s THE CIVIL DEAD provides a refreshing take on the supernatural buddy comedy formula via a contemporary mumblecore lens."
    - Rendy Reviews
  • "It’s got heart, a good number of laughs, and tells the story of a conflict between two old friends that is… complicated."
    - Culturess
  • "I'm not sure I realized that the world needed a mumblecore slacker comedy with a thread of horror, but that's exactly what we're getting with THE CIVIL DEAD and it's exactly what I needed."
    - TheIndependentCritic.com
  • "Both Tatum and Whitmer keep the humor directed at themselves, showing they make for a fun comedic team. Their ability to land visual and verbal humor is wildly underrated."
    - Sunshine State Cineplex


  • Slamdance Film Festival


  • Lisbon Int'l Horror Film Festival