7.7/10 (IMDB)

You Hurt My Feelings

1h 32m Comedy | Drama
You Hurt My Feelings
You Hurt My Feelings


From acclaimed filmmaker Nicole Holofcener comes a sharply observed comedy about a novelist whose long standing marriage is suddenly upended when she overhears her husband give his honest reaction to her latest book. A film about trust, lies, and the things we say to the people we love most.


Nicole Holofcener


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tobias Menzies & Michaela Watkins






United States



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  • "Holofcener weaves these people and their problems together in delicate fashion, guiding us toward her thematic conclusions in a way that never feels starchy, didactic, too lesson-oriented. She’s got a light touch, a humane one too."
    - Vanity Fair
  • "There’s a modesty about YOU HURT MY FEELINGS that makes it seem in some ways as simple and straightforward as its title. But Holofcener is such a gifted writer that it becomes a mosaic of mildly absurd minutiae, mixed in with legitimate feelings."
    - The Hollywood Reporter
  • "It’s a sweet, slight film about the nagging worry at the back of every artist’s head: they’re actually just a mediocre talent, being politely humored by their friends and family"
    - Little White Lies
  • "It achieves a level of total stylistic commitment more common in European art cinema than American indies, but with a voice all its own."
    - Financial Times
  • "A barbed comedy about human failings and the equally human tendency not to be truthful about them."
    - Toronto Star
  • "Holofcener deftly juggles the emotions of every character, parsing exactly where each is coming from, lucidly and thoughtfully elaborating her script with their specific insecurities."
    - The Film Stagex
  • "The resulting film is warm-hearted and rueful and hilarious in all the best ways."
    - Vox
  • "It’s both smart and entertaining."
    - TIME Magazine
  • "One of [Holofcener's] smartest and funniest films."
    - RogerEbert.com


  • Sundance Film Festival