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Asteroid City

1h 44m Comedy | Romance (Love)
Asteroid City
Asteroid City


From Oscar® nominated Wes Anderson comes a story set in a fictional American desert town circa 1955. The itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention (organized to bring together students and parents from across the country for fellowship and scholarly competition) is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events. This film will premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival this month, where it will compete for the Palme d'Or.


Wes Anderson


Hong Chau, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks






United States



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  • "The audacity and beauty of ASTEROID CITY lie in the way it connects the mysteries of the human heart to the secrets of science and the universe."
    - New York Magazine (Vulture)
  • "If all of Anderson’s movies are sustained by the tension between order and chaos, uncertainty and doubt, ASTEROID CITY is the first that takes that tension as its subject, often expressing it through the friction created by rubbing together its various levels of non-reality."
    - IndieWire
  • "In its own offbeat way, ASTEROID CITY is an Anderson patchwork of Cold War paranoia and American family values in all their often hypocritical glory. It is every bit as arch as his best work, while still managing to tug hard on the heartstrings."
    - The Independent
  • "Truly delightful. Wes Anderson leans into his trademark eccentricities for a trip to the desert that won’t win any converts but will keep the Anderson faithful content."
    - Empire
  • "Anderson and co-writer Roman Coppola have great fun with the idea, channeling 1950s B-movie vibes. Like all of Anderson’s work, it’s very affectionate, even if every camera move appears to have been calculated with the precision of a mathematical equation."
    - NME
  • "The movie rattles cleverly and exhilaratingly along, adroitly absorbing the implications of pathos and loneliness without allowing itself to slow down. It is tempting to consider this savant blankness as some kind of symptom, but I really don’t think so: it is the expression of style. And what style it is."
    - The Guardian
  • "ASTEROID CITY has all of the ticks that make Anderson Anderson: The slow pans, the deliberate framing, the erudite dialogue, and a narrator to boot. It’s also his best film since 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel."
    - The Daily Beast


  • Cannes Film Festival