6.2/10 (IMDB)

Out of Darkness

1h 27m Horror | Thriller
Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness


In the Old Stone Age, a disparate gang of early humans band together in search of a new land. But when they suspect a malevolent, mystical, being is hunting them down, the clan are forced to confront a danger they never envisaged.


Andrew Cumming


Chuku Modu, Kit Young, Safia Oakley-Green






United Kingdom



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  • "Gorgeous visuals, luscious soundscapes, and a courageous decision to create an entirely new language, ensure that [the film] stands proudly unique."
    - THN
  • "Isn’t afraid to get shockingly violent, subvert expectations, and reveal whom among a group of prehistoric men and women actually steps up and takes control in the search for missing loved ones and in the fight for their lives."
    - Third Coast Review
  • "What sets Cumming’s movie apart is how it shows audiences how little it takes to tell a story that holds our attention and makes us think, from the narrative tactics it uses to the old-school cinematic trickery and natural scenery that make it sing."
    - The Pitch
  • "The storytelling, for the most part, is incredibly visual, and a lot of heavy lifting is done by the spaces beyond the frame, which is a constant reminder of how utterly alone and vulnerable these people are."
    - Deadline Hollywood Daily
  • "A masterclass on how to make historical horror fiction, as well as survivor horror, and all of these pieces come together to create something that feels both timeless and alien."
    - Gayly Dreadful
  • "Though it struggles to build suspense, the handsomely shot and stunning craft on display makes for an impressive debut by Cummings."
    - Bloody Disgusting


  • British Independent Film Awards